The kitchen island has absolutely everything you need. With all the features offered by a professional indoor kitchen, it’s the perfect cooking centre for your patio. The kitchen island is also modular and can be individually adapted to the available space.

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Ceramic sink with tap

The latest generation of induction technology:
Integrated teppanyaki induction grill and induction wok plate, especially for outdoor use. With slider touch control and dynamic LED temperature display.

Integrated outdoor fridge especially for outdoor use, with LED lighting

Counter top

A total of nine 60 cm cupboard modules with pull-out units and two 120 cm provide plenty of storage space.

Integrated kitchen lift
The kitchen lift is lowered electronically and can also be controlled via app., providing high tech for your kitchen. The module is suitable for storing glasses, dishes, kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils, and sinks into the kitchen block at the touch of a button.
Its integrated LED lighting ensures optimum visibility, even in the dark.